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UK heads up new EU policy group
By SuperUser Account 21 Nov 2013
On the 30th October, IUCN’s Director General announced the composition of a new IUCN EU Policy Advisory Group (EUPAG).
The group’s principal remit will be to advise the Director of the IUCN Brussels Office on EU level policy issues. Its responsibility will be to consider, on behalf of IUCN’s Director General, any appropriate matter relating to IUCN’s involvement in EU policy issues. 

The group will have a key role in the development of IUCN’s positioning and the input of IUCN Knowledge Products in EU policy making. The members of the EUPAG are as follows:
Chair:  Jonny Hughes (UK, Council member)
Vice-Chair: Martha Chouchena-Rojas (Switzerland/Colombia,  Vice Chair for Europe CEESP)
-Imre L. BICZÓ (Hungary, National Institute for Environment, Hungarian Government Agency Member)
-Maas Goote (Netherlands, IUCN NL Committee)
-Michael Hošek (Czech Republic,  IUCN Council-member)
-Eva Juul Jensen (Denmark, Danish State Member)
-Amparo Monrós Chancosa (Spain,  Member of WCEL)
-Paula Silva (Portugal, Quercus, IUCN Member)
-Despina Symons (Greece,  EBCD, IUCN Member and member of Fisheries Expert Group,)
-Marina Von Weissenberg (Finland, IUCN Council member); Ex-officio member as Vice-President of IUCN, 
Luc Bas, The Director of the EU Representative Office(EURO) together with the Chair will soon set up the first meeting via teleconference.