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NCUK in Europe
The IUCN National Committee for the United Kingdom (IUCN NCUK) is actively engaged in the European dimension of IUCN's work. It important to remember that the IUCN European Region is not the same area as the European Union - it's boundaries encompass non EU countries and extend to southern Mediterranean and to the far east of Russia.

Over the years NCUK has supported many meetings of European National Committee Chairs and contributed to many European Members Fora in the run up to the quadrennial Congresses. Now we want to do more.

Already, NCUK has successfully chaired the IUCN Working Group on the Development of European National Committees (ENCs), established in January 2013 at the Copenhagen meeting of ENCs and other elements of the IUCN family. This group has completed its work and produced its report at a similar meeting in Rome in September 2013. Along with this report is a new ENC Charter, signed by NC Chairs which commits to collaborative working between ENCs and the IUCN Secretariat and between ENCs themselves.

The success of this group has prompted a continuation of its work, and at the Rome meeting it was unanimously agreed to adopt the group's recommendation to establish an Ad Hoc Working Group for the Development of European National Committees. NCUK CEO Chris Mahon was re-elected to Chair this new group, upon the termination of his earlier role as Chair of the previous group.

Also emerging is the establishment of a new European Policy Advisory Group, an idea of NCUK's Jonny Hughes and it is expected that he will play a significant part in the work of that group, which will bring together policy experts from the membership to advise the IUCN Brussels office.

This web page will be used to keep readers informed of NCUK activity in the IUCN European Region and will provide a space for sharing documents and other information.