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River restoration and biodiversity
The IUCN NCUK river restoration project has been set up to promote best practice in river restoration for supporting biodiversity, for enhancing ecosystem services, and for developing a more consistent approach to meeting the aims of the EC Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive and the Floods Directive.
The first phase of the project runs from November 2013 to June 2014. The project is led by Scottish Natural Heritage with support from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Natural England, the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, the River Restoration Centre and various organisations in the Republic of Ireland.
The main objectives are:
  • to gather evidence of the benefits of restoring natural processes for river, riparian and floodplain biodiversity
  • to describe the main causes of physical habitat damage in rivers in the UK and Ireland, to assess its extent, and to review the need for restoration
  • to assess the current status of river restoration in the UK and Ireland, including a comparison of each of the five countries. 
At the end of the project the findings will be presented at an IUCN NCUK workshop and the technical results discussed with a wider audience of practitioners, government agencies, NGOs, policy makers and others.
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