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The Executive Committee (ExCo) consists of five individuals elected from the UK organisations in the IUCN membership. The elected five can then co-opt individuals to enhance the expertise of ExCo and assist in country representation. UK Government and the four statutory conservation agencies are represented and currently two of the six IUCN Commissions are represented by UK focal points. It is hoped this will increase over time until all Commissions are represented.

Meeting four times a year, ExCo conduct the business of the national committee in conjunction with the Chief Executive and Secretariat and report to members at least once a year at a Members Meeting and AGM.

Elected Members

Stuart Brooks (Chair and Scottish Environment Link)
Tim Stowe (RSPB)
Glyn Davies (WWF-UK)
Bryan Carroll (Bristol Zoo)
Jonathan Hughes (The Wildlife Trusts)
Government Representatives

Dominic Whitmee (Defra)
Susan Davies (Hon. Treasurer and Scottish Natural Heritage – representing the UK statutory conservation agencies)
Co-opted Individuals
Mike Pienkowski (UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum)
Nigel Dudley (World Commission on Protected Areas)
Sue Stolton (World Commission on Protected Areas)
Ed Edwards (Wildscreen – Commission on Education and Communication)
Joanna Robertson (Hon Archivist)


Simon Stuart (Chair, Species Survival Commission)
Richard Jenkins (IUCN Secretariat UK Focal Point – Global Species Programme)
IUCN National Committee UK Secretariat
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07980 856952
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