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IUCN UK Projects Archive

IUCN UK has been involved in numerous projects aimed at conserving the natural resources of our planet and has been a contributor to many programmes and initiatives that shape and develop conservation strategies within the United Kingdom. On this page you will find information and reports relating to these projects.

Funding for Biodiversity
Starting as a proposal by the late Richard Sandbrook (at the time Co-opted to ExCo), this project was an attempt at determining how much the UK pays toward protecting biodiversity and what benefits are derived from this expenditure.

The Funding for Biodiversity report was drafted on the Committee’s behalf by the RSPB and has yet to be formally adopted.

Only One World
"People and Nature - Only One World" was the title chosen for the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress, staged in Bangkok, Thailand, in November 2004. It addressed various topics, each of which relate to the problems faced by governments, NGOs, civil society and the private sector, when dealing with the question: "How can one planet meet the needs of growing populations and emerging markets, whilst sustaining the very basis of our survival: the health of biodiversity and the productivity of ecosystems?" Find out more

Wild Living Resources
This project reviewed the uses made of wild, living resources in the United Kingdom.These resources were defined so as to exclude animals that were captive-reared for any part of their life history and plants that were cultivated or otherwise caused to grow in the wild. It is necessarily illustrative rather than exhaustive, reflecting the uneven distribution of data on use of living resources and, accordingly, it is likely to under-estimate the extent and contribution of such uses to the UK.

UK's contribution to the revision of IUCN Protected Areas categories IUCN has recommended an international system for categorising protected areas by their management objective for a number of years. Since 1994, the basis of this has been an agreed definition of a protected area, and six categories. Following a major review carried out by the University of Cardiff (see: IUCN-WCPA undertook to review the application of the categories and revise the published guidance on their use. The WCPA Task Force leading this work (chaired by Nigel Dudley of Equilibrium Research) worked with the IUCN-UK Committee to ensure the Executives of the UK Country Agencies were engaged in this process of review and organised a scoping meeting involving UK stakeholders to see how this process could be taken forward

This meeting was hosted by CCW at the Maes-y-Fynnon offices in Bangor, North Wales, on February 27th 2007.

The work of the Task Force is ongoing, including a Categories Summit, being held at Almeria in Spain, between the 7th and 11th of May 2007.

Should you have any comments or suggestions regarding this issue please email the UK Committee Secretariat and we will pass them to the Task Force.


Agenda of the Protected Areas meeting (PDF, 21 kb)
IUCN Chagos Archipelago briefing, October 2009 (PDF 948 kb)

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